April 11, 2017

Honesty in Healthcare Branding: How one hospital used transparency in their marketing

Located in St. Albans, Vermont, Northwestern Medical Center (NMC) is a non-profit community health center with a majority of their patients residing in the rural areas of northwestern Vermont. When coming up with a campaign for their Orthopaedics department last October/September, they went with a transparent, honest messaging that would speak to current and potential patients – telling the experiences of three of their Orthopaedic patients.

Brand authenticity tops the list when consumers were asked what they value most when considering a company. To understand more on the importance of brand authenticity check it out here. Honesty and transparency in a brand are key factors in presenting an authentic brand that consumers can trust. When it comes to healthcare branding, NMC’s campaign is a perfect example of how to build honesty with marketing, before a patient even steps through the door.

In their “Keep You There” campaign, NMC presented three different stories that focused on real-life experiences from actual patients. Advertising included images of the patients alongside copy that expressed the care they needed from NMC’s Orthopaedics department to get them back to doing the things they loved.

Healthcare branding in Vermont build's Northwestern Medical Center's brand authenticity

Noah is a real high school football player living in Northwestern Vermont. He is a recognizable member to his classmates, relatives, and community. His story is one that potential patients can trust, because Noah could be someone they know. These real stories provide a natural honesty in the “Keep You There” campaign, perfectly marketed towards the locals within the area.

With recognizable, local faces and real-life stories of recovery, NMC’s campaign successfully helped build their brand as one worth trusting. Want to start building your brand’s authenticity? Sign up for a free-consultation to get started!



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