When it comes to messaging, how you communicate is as important as what you communicate.

Your identity and messaging need to differentiate your organization, illustrate your personality and establish an emotional connection with your audiences. Our team has a wide range of talents, but our collective strength lies in developing brands and messaging that your stakeholders understand, relate to and act upon. This is especially true for brands and campaigns needing to effectively communicate complex messages in a relevant, easy-to-understand way.

Let’s get specific.
What does your organization need?

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Brand audit

You’re not sure whether your organization’s brand values, personality and mission are aligned with your external and internal messaging, or whether your brand positioning is strong enough, clear enough or focused enough to resonate with your stakeholders. We do a deep dive into your brand, delivering a brand audit that includes a refined vision for your brand, an assessment of where brand alignment is needed to reach that vision and recommendations for honing your brand positioning.

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Brand strategy & identity

You’d like to update your brand by improving, modernizing or refining it to better support your mission and goals for growth. We help strategize, develop and launch your refreshed brand, delivering a brand audit and brand guide, along with some or all of the following: logo, tagline, website, identity collateral, advertising and brand launch.

Branded campaign

You have an initiative, service or product that you need to market. We can help by creating a themed campaign, and developing, implementing and evaluating an integrated communications plan that accomplishes your goals.

Content strategy and development

You want to position your organization as a thought leader and resource for information in your industry to help drive organizational awareness, educate stakeholders in ways that fulfill your mission and/or  increase revenues or donations. We work with you to develop a content management strategy and plan, and then implement the plan through creating and disseminating the content to your stakeholders.

Marketing strategy & support

You’re looking for an insightful, skilled and attentive group of marketing experts to act as an extension of your team, helping to develop and support your marketing plans. This involves strategy, design, copywriting, or help with creating brand, usage or template guides for your team to use.

Not sure what to prioritize or where to start? Talk with us, we can help.

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