January 18, 2017

It was time.

It Was Time.

We are all familiar with the term “The Comfort Zone”.

It’s safe, it’s easy, it feels good. And it can be necessary to stay there for a while. Yet, as we all know, Richard Branson or Serena Williams wouldn’t have gotten where they did by spending very much time there.

This is not profound, but it is profoundly easy to forget.

When it comes to business, and branding, we must constantly question and evaluate ourselves to a higher standard of excellence. Sometimes that means leaving the nest, or more accurately, building a better one.

Late this summer, after 23 years as Lisaius Marketing, our agency shed our original identity to become Tenth Crow Creative, taking on 2017 with a new look and a reinvigorated sense of identity and purpose. We’re excited to carry on our tradition for top-notch design under a new name.

Over the course of our rebrand, we did the arduous work of taking a microscope to our shared mission, uncovering and refining the truth and inspiration that lay there. We discovered— and proudly share here—that our work is guided by the belief that thoughtful, purposeful design has the power to elevate every brand experience, ultimately improving our quality of life.

Conducting a rebrand—or, thoughtfully assessing the need for one —is an essential step that every business or organization needs to take at some point over its lifetime, a natural milestone in a brand’s evolution. It’s an opportunity to reaffirm the organization’s core values and mission and to hone in on what it is that you offer and precisely whom you are offering it to. It’s a chance to reinvigorate internal morale while modernizing your look and feel. Perhaps you discover that it’s time for an entirely new brand, or perhaps some small tweaks are all that are needed to keep you charging forward at speed.

When was the last time you assessed the health of your brand?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine if your brand is doing the job it’s supposed to, which is to help you achieve your goals for success. A reminder: your brand is not a physical thing, and it is much more than a logo. It is comprised of the way a customer feels about your product, service or business. It encapsulates your character, reputation, voice, appearance and experience.

1) Does your brand accurately reflect what your business offers?
2) Does your brand reflect, and tap into, the needs and desires of your target audience?
3) Is your brand poised to stand out against your current competitors?
4) Are your employees passionate about your brand?

Do you think one—or all of these areas—might need help?

It could be that your brand, or some elements of it, isn’t aligned with (and therefore isn’t supporting) your aspirations. We have over twenty years of experience in this field and are passionate about helping companies rediscover and ultimately capitalize on what it is that makes them so extraordinary. As design, branding and marketing experts, we’re here to help you be the brand you’ve always wanted to be.

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