Formerly known as the Champlain Valley Association on Aging (CVAA), Age Well is the leading resource and care provider for the independent aging population of Northwestern Vermont. Their focus is on supporting seniors who live at home, coordinating a wide array of services, community events and volunteers to help Vermonters age well. As a nonprofit organization, their services are provided at no charge.

When our partnership with CVAA began, they were looking to refresh their brand with a new identity that better represented their energetic, proactive culture and values. They also wanted to make splash with their new look, generating new interest and opportunities through publicity efforts. We leapt at the chance to collaborate with an organization whose mission is so meaningful and whose work has a profoundly positive impact on the lives of thousands of our community members. 

Brand Identity
Video art direction
Print design

Logo exploration

Agewell Logo design drafts
Agewell Logo design drafts

Agewell Logo design drafts
Agewell Logo design drafts
Agewell Logo final design

Final logo

Friendly, clear, and confident, Age Well’s final logo conveys their focus on lifestyle support as well as their energetic approach to improving quality of life. Each icon represents one aspect of their array of services, demonstrating the breadth of their expertise and work.


Once Age Well’s logo was established, we began creating comprehensive office and marketing materials to consistently carry out the new look. Our focus was to keep things clear and simple while conveying the energy, modernity and approachability of their new visual identity.

Internal brand guide

Capabilities brochure

Brand video & advertisement

We worked with local video producer Micah Dudash to create a brand video that would support Age Well’s efforts in fundraising, volunteer recruitment and client outreach. For this video we provided concept development and art direction. We worked hard to ensure that the video conveyed the humanity and hope inherent in Age Well’s work while connecting emotionally with target audiences.


Event promotion


When planning for Age Well’s first advertising campaign with their new identity, we worked with them to identify a target audience so that we could deliver a focused, relevant message. We developed the creative direction seen below in response to their interest in generating brand awareness among potential clients. The simple question “How do you age well?”, paired with text celebrating clients’ lives, perfectly captures Age Well’s approach to supporting healthy aging: respecting the lifestyle preferences of each individual and inviting everyone to consider the importance of living, and aging, well.

Agewell campaign designAgewell campaign design

Agewell campaign design