Northwestern Urgent Care Grand Opening

Promoting the launch of a new Urgent Care Center, with the grand opening event reaching attendee numbers 4x the amount NMC’s urgent care consultant estimated. 

Northwestern Medical Center is a nonprofit community hospital located in St. Albans, VT. With a recent surge in plans for and development of for-profit urgent care centers in Vermont, NMC sought to get ahead of the curve by opening a hospital-affiliated urgent care center in St Albans that supports the whole community, provides even more convenience for patients and makes it easy for them to maintain continuity of care.

We were honored to help NMC launch this important service; we began by developing a branded identity for the campaign, then created direct mail and print collateral as well as a website for the new Center. We conducted print and digital advertising campaigns to boost awareness of the opening. NMC enjoyed an incredibly successful launch with a much greater-than-anticipated turnout and strong follow up awareness and attendance. Additionally, patient numbers continue to exceed expectations. Check out more details of the campaign below.

Campaign management
Print design
Print advertising
Digital advertising
Website design
Social media campaign

Print design: direct mail and newspaper inserts


We designed and developed a microsite whose focus was specifically on promoting the new Urgent Care center. We directed all marketing materials to the site, optimizing its content and layout to prioritize answering potential patients’ most common questions or concerns.

Advertising campaign

We developed a campaign centering around common life situations that can turn into Urgent Care situations. We used humor to speak about the uncomfortable reality of getting hurt.

A man burns his hand while grilling.

A girl lays on the pavement after just falling off her skatboard.

A man about to sneeze in the direction of his co-worker.

A woman hikes through tall grass full of ticks.


The NUC opening was a great success, exceeding expectations of all those involved. Opening day numbers were four times the amount NMC’s urgent care consultant estimated, and patient numbers continue to be strong.