December 13, 2016

The Tenth Crow Creative Graphic Designer Gift Guide

Graphic designers are special people (believe us… we have an office full of ’em) and it can be hard to know how to go about finding a holiday gift that is perfect for their creative, colorful spirits. We thought it would be helpful to put together a graphic designer gift guide for any of you who have graphic designers on your list. When they ask you, But how did you know? you can just say you got a little help from an expert. You’re welcome.

“Like a boss” calendar, $22.97

Like a Boss Calendar from InkandCardDesigns; Tenth Crow Creative graphic designer gift guide

We love this sassy, encouraging calendar – its neutral color scheme will go with any office environment. Its designed and printed by InkandCardDesigns, and you can find it on Etsy here. (For more fabulous calendar ideas, check out Miss Moss’ calendar collection here!)

Rollbahn Memo Notebook, $8.50

Rollbahn Memo notebook; Tenth Crow Creative graphic designer gift guide

These classy little notebooks instantly communicate organized, sleek, possibly Scandinavian about the owner. Pair with a cappuccino and Apple laptop for the complete look. A collection of two or three would make great stocking stuffers and can accommodate all sorts of doodles and designs. You can find them on Need Supply here.

A subscription to HOW Magazine, $29.96

HOW Magazine; Tenth Crow Creative graphic designer gift guide

According to their website, “HOW Magazine helps designers, whether they work for a design firm, for an in-house design department or for themselves, be more inspired, more creative and more successful. HOW also showcases amazing designs from around the world.” What more could a designer want? A HOW magazine subscription is a thoughtful gift that will help them to do their best work. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find information on giving a subscription as a gift.

Really sweet headphones from Sennheiser, $132.99


Great headphones offer more than just a great auditory experience; they also offer the wearer a chance to retreat from the world by signaling to office and housemates “please don’t interrupt me”. These Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones got top ratings from (and may make their way onto our own holiday wish lists). Photo from

Life Without Envy, $15.99

Life Without Envy by Camille DeAngeles; Tenth Crow Creative graphic designer gift guide

This new book by Camille DeAngelis is an essential guide to confidence and envy management for creative people of all stripes. Graphic designers, whether they are employed by company or work for themselves, have to work just as hard as other creatives to stay focused and enthusiastic even as obstacles and jealousy get in the way of the career they may have dreamed of. This read promises to be interesting and empowering! Available on Amazon here.

We hope this gift guide gave you an idea or two! Be sure to check back on our Blog for more posts on graphic design, brand strategy and marketing ideas. Happy holidays!