Communicating the ‘why’ to gain community buy-in for NMC’s investment in community wellness initiatives.

Northwestern Medical Center is dedicated to community wellness and initiatives that help build a better tomorrow for us all. They hoped to make this part of their mission more well known within the community. Together, we created the {Y}OUR tomorrow campaign, highlighting new NMC initiatives aimed at improving local care, the celebration of local people working hard to improve the community and NMC openly responding to community questions and concerns. This transparent communication helped solidify NMC as the local center of care, highly invested in community health and future wellbeing.

Campaign identity
Digital advertising
Social media
Responsive website design
Media planning
Print design


Community Shout-out contest

We helped NMC create a contest that reinforced the goals and messaging of {Y}OUR tomorrow, as well as increase public awareness of the {Y}OUR tomorrow initiative. The contest successfully increased community interaction on the {Y}OUR tomorrow website and social media.

During the contest, the {Y}OUR tomorrow website received:

4315 new users,
a 31% increase
7,700 new page views,
a 31.88% increase